January 30, 2011

Senka- My Pet Zergling

Senka is a Zergling!

January 29, 2011

January 28, 2011

Wooly Siberian Huskies

     Many people have been asking about how Senka is a Siberian Husky when he is long-haired. There is a rare recessive gene that causes the husky's hair to be long. Officially, it is considered a "fault" and thus he would be disqualified from dog shows. I think it is pretty dumb to consider long hair on a Siberian Husky a deformity. I've even heard that some breeders refuse to breed wooly Siberian Huskies because of this. Anyway, this website has pictures of different colored huskies with the wooly gene.

January 14, 2011

Considering a Siberian Husky?

Siberian Huskies are unlike any other breed of dog. They are incredibly hyper, active, and require a lot of attention. If you are wanting to get a Siberian Husky there are several factors you need to seriously consider.

     Q. Where can Siberian Huskies live?
     A. Siberian Huskies obviously are very tolerable of cold weather, and perhaps may even prefer it. This makes outside the ideal habitat for Siberian Huskies. I would not recommend a Siberian Husky if you live in an extremely hot climate.

     Q. What safety measures do I need to take?
     A. The area in which you will keep your Siberian Husky MUST be secured by fencing at least 6 feet high. Anything shorter than 6 feet a Siberian Husky can easily and will jump over it out of curiosity. Even though they enjoy cold weather, a dog house is still required. Whether you build or buy, bedding the house with cedar works as padding and helps keep insects away.

     Q. How does a Siberian Husky's temperament differ from most breeds of dog?
     A. Siberian Huskies are very energetic. They love to jump, run, and play more so than other breeds. They also have a tendency to dig... a lot. So do not plan to keep Siberian Huskies near any gardens you may have. Having another dog can be very beneficial. Siberian Huskies are social creatures and hate being alone. With two dogs, they will have partners to play with when you are unable to.

Siberian Huskies for Dummies by Diane Morgan is a great book that teaches you about Siberian Huskies and how to take care of them. You can get it for relatively cheap off the link I provided. Be sure that you have done all the research needed and have thoroughly planned ahead before getting a Siberian Husky. Good luck!

January 12, 2011

Zima Jumps for Treats

Zima likes to jump very much. His brother Senka though... not so much.

Feeding Human Food to Dogs?

     The basic rule of thumb has always been leave human food to humans and dog food to dogs. This rule may hold truth, but it is not entirely accurate. True, there are foods that you should never feed a dog under any circumstances.

These toxic foods include:
  • Grapes/Raisins - Can lead to kidney failure
  • Candy/Chocolate - The many chemicals can lead to life-threatening ailments
  • Nuts - Macadamia nuts specifically can be fatal
  • Xylitol - Sweetner found in gum that can cause liver damage
     I am not saying that if your dog eats one of these harmful foods it will have internal damage. Many factors contribute on how well a dog reacts to a particular food. Size, weight, as well as age are all factors to be considered. If you have a toy breed, be cautious. Simba (this little guy) accidentally ate some cheese and became constipated. I had to go to the vet and get laxatives for him. It was awful for us both.

He refuses to sleep on the floor
     Anyway, what food then is safe to be fed to your dog? Many fruits and vegetables are extremely healthy, but the problem is most dogs do not care for their taste. From my experience, try feeding your dog sliced cucumbers. Most dogs eat them and they make a nutritious snack. Simba is also fond of the occasional pear. Try to avoid citrus fruits such as oranges, limes, and lemons, as they can cause upset stomachs. Try offering your dog other fruits and vegetables to see what it likes. If you have any other foods, post them in the comments!

January 11, 2011


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